Janani Manivanna


Senior Assistant Manager

MSc, PhD

Contact no. +65 65167411
Email Address medjm@nus.edu.sg
About Me

Employment history

  • Senior Assistant Manager on Contract Administration and Management, Clinical Imaging Research Centre National University of Singapore, (July 2017- Present)
  • Research Fellow, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, National University of Singapore, (Nov 2013 - Jun 2017)
  • PhD Doctoral Research, Department of Anatomy, National University of Singapore, (Aug 2009 - Sept 2013)


  • PhD Degree in Neurobiology from National University of Singapore, (Sept 2013).
  • M. Sc (Integrated 5-year) degree in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics from SRM University, India, (May 2009).

Scientific Awards

  • Best overseas oral presentation award in “Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine Graduate Congress” at National University of Singapore on 30th January 2013.
  • NUS Research Scholarship 2009 – 2013.

Lee foundation travel award – 2012 for attending Society for Neuroscience Conference 2012, New Orleans, USA.

Research Interest

Glial cells, Neurodegenerative disorders and Spinal Cord Injury

Recent/Representative Publications


1. Ankshita Prasad, Daniel Teh Boon Loong, Fathima Rifkhana Shah Jahan, Janani Manivannan, Soo Min Chua, Angelo H. ALL . “Direct Conversion through Trans-differentiation: Efficacy and Safety”. Stem Cells and Development (2017). PMID: 27796171.

2. Ankshita Prasad, Janani Manivannan, Daniel Teh Boon Loong, Soo Min Chua, Payam M.Gharibani, Angelo H. ALL. “A review of iPSC, Direct Conversion by Trans-differentiation, Direct Reprogramming and Oligodendrocyte Differentiation”. Regenerative Medicine (2016). PMID: 26857809.

3. Thow Xin Yuan, Ashwati Vipin, Hasan Mir, Jukka Kortelainen, Janani Manivannan, Hasan Al-Nashash, Angelo H ALL. “Natural progression of spinal cord transection injury and reorganisation of neural pathways”. Journal of Experimental Neurology (2016). PMID: 27159651.

4. Ashwati Vipin, Jukka Kortelainen, Hasan Al-Nashash, Chua Soo Min, Thow Xin Yuan, Janani Manivannan, Astrid Rusly, Nitish V. Thakor, Candace L. Kerr, Angelo H. All. “Prolonged local hypothermia has no long-term adverse effect on the spinal cord”. Therapeutic Hypothermia and Temperature Management (2015). PMID: 26057714.

5. Manivannan Janani, Eng-Ang Ling, Samuel SW Tay and *S.Thameem Dheen. ”Dihydropyrimidinase like 3 regulates the inflammatory response of microglia”. Neuroscience (2013). PMID: 23988434.

6. Rangarajan Parakalan, Boran Jiang, Baby Nimmi, Manivannan Janani, Manikandan Jayapal, Jia Lu, Samuel SW Tay, Eng-Ang Ling and *S. Thameem Dheen . “Transcriptome analysis of amoeboid and ramified microglia isolated from the corpus callosum of rat brain”. BMC Neuroscience (2012). PMID: 22697290.

Conference Proceedings:

1. Hasan Mir, Hasan Al-Nashash, Thow Xin Yuan, Jukka Kortelainen, Chua Soo Min, Janani Manivannan, Astrid, Angelo H. All. “Assessment of Bilateral SSEP Signals Enhancement following Transectional Spinal Cord Injury Using Linear Modeling” in World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, 7th-12th June 2015, Toronto, Canada.