Nai Ying Hwey


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About Me
I am a Singaporean who recently completed my Ph.D. studies at Tohoku University in Japan. My interests are experiencing and learning the cultures and history of different countries. I especially enjoy seeing the beautiful architectures and exploring the nature by going for long hikes. My hobbies include reading mystery books, especially on Sherlock Holmes and those written by Agatha Christie. My research goals are directed towards identifying reliable biomarkers for the diagnosis of various types of dementia, as well as cancers, by exploring the different types of biomarkers and improving the methods of analysis.
Research Interest
  • Diseases of Interest: Neurodegeneration, Cancer
  • Imaging related interest: Exploring the different types of biomarkers to identify reliable biomarkers for diagnosis, Improving the methods of analysis and accuracy of diagnosis
Recent/Representative Publications

Ying-Hwey Nai, Miho Shidahara, Chie Seki, Hiroshi Watabe. Biomathematical screening of amyloid radiotracers with clinical usefulness index. Alzheimer’s & Dementia: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions. 2017;3(4):542–52.

Ying-Hwey Nai, Takayuki Ose, Miho Shidahara, Hiroshi Watabe, 137Cs Transmission Imaging and Segmented Attenuation Corrections in a Small Animal PET Scanner, Radiological Physics and Technology. 2017;10:321–330.

Yuma Arakawa*, Ying-Hwey Nai*, Miho Shidahara, et al. Prediction of the clinical standardized uptake value ratio in amyloid PET imaging using a biomathematical modeling approach towards the efficient development of a radioligand. Journal of Nuclear Medicine. 2016;58(8):1285–92.