David Townsend Director
Nguang Hock Soon, Bernard Senior Manager
Chuya Patricia Yang Senior Assistant Manager
Linda See Assistant Manager
Mya Myint Zu IT Specialist
John Totman Head Imaging Operations
Jasper Chaal Research Officer
Caroline Wong
Research Officer
Zhang Bo Research Officer
Yap Tian Siew Head Radiographer
Stevia Ng Radiographer
Sapia Bte Alibaba Radiographer
Low Yi Xian Radiographer
Wang Jing Head Research Nurse
Hu Qiaolan Research Nurse
Cheng Xiaoyu Research Nurse
Katja Boodeea Quality Assurance Manager
Chiam Vi King Quality Assurance Assistant
TBC Head of Radiochemistry
Ashley Ann Weekes Head of Production
Martine Poitevin Head of Quality Control
David Green Head of Cyclotron Operations & Facility Services
Kho Bee Bee, Adeline QC Analytical Chemist
Fathollah Zakee Bin Fatholmoein QC Analytical Chemist
Elaine Tan Jia Hui QC Analytical Chemist
Mohd Fadli Mohammad Noh Production Radiochemist
Toh Chun Keong Production Radiochemist
Wee Xin Jie Production Radiochemist
Dr Evelyn Laurens Research Radiochemist
Dr Mary Stephenson Senior Research Fellow
Dr Dennis Cheong Research Fellow
Dr Joshua Schaefferkoetter Research Fellow
Dr Sharmili Roy Research Fellow
Dr Stephanie Marchesseau Research Fellow
Dr Jiang Limiao Research Fellow
Maria Kalimeri Research Associate
Teng Po Wen Ivan Research Associate
Francesca Leek Medical Physicist
Wong Chun Kit Research Assistant
Tan Wei Hou Research Assistant
Ho Xiu Mei, Jamie Research Assistant
Alexander Schaefer Research Fellow (Asst Prof Thomas Yeo)
Yuanhao Gong Resaerch Fellow (Asst Prof Thomas Yeo)
Kong Ru PhD Student (Asst Prof Thomas Yeo)
Dr Gao Limei Senior Research Fellow (Dr Ed Robins)
Dr Kelvin Chan Research Fellow (Dr Ed Robins)
Dr Anna Haslop Research Fellow (Dr Ed Robins)
Chia Saei Weng Research Officer (Dr Ed Robins)
Yu Wenzhu Research Officer (Dr Ed Robins)
Lim Yee Hwee Research Officer (Dr Ed Robins)
Adriana Banozic Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Ivan Tham Clinical Director (NUH Radiation Oncology)
Dr Ed Robbins Head of Radiochemistry (A*STAR SBIC)
Dr Daniel Tay  Research Radiochemist (A*STAR SBIC) 
Assoc Prof Stuart Derbyshire Investigator (NUS Psychology)
Assoc Prof Anqi Qiu  Investigator (NUS Bioengineering) 
Asst Prof Thomas Yeo Investigator (NUS Electrical & Computer Engineering) 
Asst Prof Helen Zhou Investigator (DUKE-NUS)
Dr Lee Kuan Jin  Investigator (A*STAR SBIC) 
Gan Eng Wee, Alvin Assistant Safety Manager
TBC Education & Training Manager