Stevia Ng (Ms.)


Senior Radiographer

Contact no. +65 6516 8398
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About Me

I am a trained radiographer currently taking my masters by research in psychology in NUS.

Research Interest

My research interest lies in forgetting, specifically active forgetting, for example, repressed, suppressed, forgotten memories and the forgetting mechanism.  Experiments conducted for my master’s thesis will revolve around understanding the active forgetting mechanism, what factors affect memory retention and how it impacts recall. I believe this will contribute to better understand the neural pathways of forgetting. 

Recent Publications
Ng Lay Hong, B.A. Thomas, J. Totman, M.C. Stephenson (2016). “Optimization of Boundary Nulled (BOND) Imaging for Delineation of Tissue Boundaries and Segmentation at 3T.” Presented at SMRT 25thAnnual Meeting, Singapore.

Ng Lay Hong, T. Soderlund, J. Totman, D. Townsend. (2014) "Development and validation of an MRI compatible automatic PET injection system.’’  Presented at 27th Annual European Association of Nuclear Medicine Congress (EANM), Gothenburg, Sweden.

L.H. Ng, T. Totman, J. Lim, C.K.Y Wong, T.A. Soderlund, Y. Tay, S.M Lee. (2013) " The Use of Dual Source and µCT in Assessing The Structure of Lacquered Artefacts’’  Presented at 28th Singapore-Malaysia Radiographers Conference, Singapore.

L.H. Ng, Y. X. Lye, T. M. Tan. (2011) ‘’MRI: New technology, new artifacts’’ Poster Presented at the 18th Asia-Australasia Conference of Radiological Technologists, Taiwan.