Name : Stuart Derbyshire
Title : Dr.
Current Position : Associate Professor
Email address :
Contact Number : 6516 7400
Employment History

07/13 – present:

National University of Singapore  Department of Psychology and A*STAR-NUS Clinical Imaging Research Centre (CIRC)


Associate Professor

05/05 – 07/13:

University of Birmingham School of Psychology

Reader in Psychology

09/00 – 05/05:

University of PittsburghSchool of Medicine  Department of Radiology (Primary) and Anesthesiology (Secondary)        


 Assistant Professor

07/98 - 08/00:

University of California Los Angeles, CA

Department of Gastroenterology

 Assistant Professor




1988 - 5/91

University College London

University of London, U.K.

B.Sc. Hons Psychology

1991 - 5/94

University College London

University of London, U.K.




Research Interest
My primary research interest is pain with a particular focus on pain that occurs without obvious injury or disease. There are many clinical conditions, including fibromyalgia, low back pain and irritable bowel syndrome, where the subjective experience of pain exceeds what might be expected from the objective signs of injury or disease. We have examined these patients using functional imaging in combination with direct stimulation and using hypnosis to modify pain experience. We have also developed a series of techniques to induce pain in pain free individuals without involving a typical noxious stimulus. These techniques include suggested pain, observing others in pain and injury to a rubber hand during the rubber hand illusion.




Derbyshire SWG, Whalley MG, Oakley DA. Fibromyalgia pain and its modulation by hypnotic and non-hypnotic suggestion: An fMRI analysis. European Journal of Pain 2009; 13: 542-550.


Hollin GJS, Derbyshire SWG. Cold pressor pain reduces phobic fear but fear does not reduce pain. The Journal of Pain 2009; 10: 1058-1064.


Derbyshire SWG, Osborn J. Offset analgesia is mediated by activation in the region of the periaqueductal grey and rostral ventromedial medulla. NeuroImage 2009; 47: 1002-1006


Osborn J, Derbyshire SWG. Pain sensation evoked by observing injury in others. Pain 2010; 148: 268-274.


Derbyshire SWG, Raja A. On the development of painful experience. Journal of Consciousness Studies 2011; 18: 233-256.


Sullivan MD, Cahana A, Derbyshire SWG, Loeser JD. What does it mean to call chronic pain a brain disease? Journal of Pain 2013; 14: 317-322.


Dennis NL, Larkin M, Derbyshire SWG. 'A giant mess' - making sense of complexity in the accounts of people with fibromyalgia. British Journal of Health Psychology 2013; 18: 763-781.


Derbyshire SWG, Osborn J, Brown S. Feeling the pain of others is associated with self-other confusion and prior clinical experience. Frontiers in Psychiatry 2013; 7: 470.




Patents Held



Scientific Awards

Recipient of the 20120 APS Paul D. MacLean Award for Outstanding Neuroscience Research in Psychosomatic Medicine.




Funding Received

Cardiovascular Reactivity

Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund

5% Effort. Role: CoI




Empathic pain

5% Effort. Role: PI

Hilary Green Research Fund





Is descending analgesia dysfunctional in fibromyalgia and nonspecific low back pain?

15% Effort. Role: PI


Medical Research Council




+3 Doctoral Training Grant (DTG)

Role: Co-supervisor (with Roger Giner-Sorolla, University of Kent)


MRC ESRC Interdisciplinary Studentship