Name : Anqi Qiu
Title : Assistant Professor
Current Position : Investigator – Joint Appointment (Bioengineering)
Email address :
Contact Number : 6516 7002
Employment History

Assistant Professor, Division of Bioengineering, Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore

Visiting Professor, Center for Imaging Science, Johns Hopkins University



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Research Interest
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Xianfeng Yang, Alvina Goh, Anqi Qiu , Locally Linear Diffeomorphic Metric Embedding (LLDME) for Surface-Based Anatomical Shape,NeuroImage, accepted,2011 .


Jia Du, Laurent Younes, Anqi Qiu , Whole Brain Diffeomorphic Metric Mapping via Integration of Sulcal and Gyral Curves, Cortical Surfaces, and Images,NeuroImage, accepted,2011 .


Jee Hoon Roh, Anqi Qiu , Sang Won Seo, Hock Wei Soon, Jong Hun Kim, Geon Ha Kim, Min-Jung Kim, Duk L. Na , Volume Reduction in Subcortical Regions according to Severity of Alzheimer's Disease,Journal of Neurology, accepted,2011 .


Anqi Qiu, Ta Anh Tuan, Puay San Woon, Muhammad Farid Abdul-Rahman, Steven Graham, Kang Sim , Hippocampal-cortical structural connectivity disruptions in schizophrenia: An integrated perspective from hippocampal shape, cortical thickness, and integrity of white matter bundles,NeuroImage, 52(4):1181-1189,2010 .


Jidan Zhong, Desiree Yee Ling Phua, Anqi Qiu , Quantitative Evaluation of LDDMM, FreeSurfer, and CARET for Cortical Surface Mapping,NeuroImage, 52(1):131-141,2010 .


Anqi Qiu, Marcy Adler, Crocetti, Michael I. Miller, and Stewart H. Mostofsky , Basal Ganglia Shapes Predict Social and Motor Dysfunctions in Boys with Autism Spectrum Disorder,JAACAP, 49(6):539-551 (FEATURE ARTICLE) ,2010 .


Anqi Qiu, Kenichi Oishi, Michael I. Miller, Constantine G. Lyketsos, Susumu Mori, and Marilyn Albert , Surface-Based Analysis on Shape and Fractional Anisotropy of White Matter Tracts in Alzheimer’s disease,PLoS One, 5(3):e9811,2010 .


Anqi Qiu, Timothy Brown, Bruce Fischl, Jun Ma, Michael I. Miller , Atlas Generation of Subcortical and Ventricular Structures with its Applications in Shape Analysis,IEEE transactions on Image Processing, 19(6):1539-1547,2010 .



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