CIRC hosts a combined PET/MR imaging system, the Siemens Biograph mMR, capable of fully simultaneous PET and MR acquisition.


The MR component of the system features:

60 cm bore diameter, 199 cm long
FOV of 50x50 cm transaxial, 45 cm axial
Gradients 45 mT/m @ 200 T/m/s
Up to 9 um resolution
Head and neck coil
Spine coil
Body matirx coil
16-element breast coil
4-element small and large flex coils

The PET component has an axial FOV of 25.6 cm, a transaxial FOV of 59.4 cm and is centred on the isocentre of the MRI allowing for true simultaneous imaging with both modalities.  The spatial resolution of the PET system is 4.8 mm axial and 4.7 mm transaxial.


Auxilliary Equipment

  • Medrad Spectris Solaris EP (power injector)
  • MRidium MR infusion system 
  • IsoArk MR-compatible isolation chamber
  • Dielectric pad (x2)
  • Swisstrace Twilite blood sampling system


  • NEMA IEC PET body phantom
  • ACR PET phantom
  • ACR MRI phantom (large)
  • T1 and T2 MRI gel tubes
  • Respiratory motion phantom
  • Flow phantom
  • Head coil (12-ch)
  • Head and neck coil (16-ch)
  • Breast coil (16-ch)
  • Spine coil (24-ch)
  • Body matrix (6-ch)
  • Flex coil - small (4-ch)
  • Flex coil - large (4-ch)
  • 31 P volume head coil
  • 23  Na volume head coil
  • 13 C volume head coil
  • 31 P flexible surface coil
  • 13 C flexible surface coil
  • 23 Na flexible surface coil