Installed in 2013, the 3T MAGNETOM Prisma system at CIRC has the following features:


60 cm bore diameter, 213 cm long

FOV of 50x50x50 cm

Gradients 80 mT/m @ 200 T/m/s

Force compensated gradient design for reduced vibrations

2-channel transmitter system


Auxiliary Equipment

  • Medrad Spectris Solaris EP (power injector)
  • MRidium MR infusion system
  • IsoArk MR-compatible isolation chamber


  • ACR MRI phantom (large)
  • T1 and T2 MRI gel tubes
  • Respiratory motion phantom
  • Flow phantom
  • Head coil (12-ch)
  • Head and neck coil (20-ch)
  • Breast coil (7-ch)
  • Spine coil (32-ch)
  • Body coil (18-ch)
  • Transfer and receive knee coil (15-ch)
  • Flex coil - small (4-ch)
  • Flex coil - large (4-ch)
  • Transfer and receive dual tuned 31P and 1H surface coil)
  • Knee coil (15-ch)
  • 31 P flexible surface coil
  • 13 C flexible surface coil
  • 23 Na flexible surface coil