Facilities and Equipment

The Clinical Imaging Research Centre is a state-of-the-art molecular imaging facility. Resources include a GE PETtrace cyclotron, with targetry for producing positron-emitting isotopes such as C-11, F-18, N-13 and 0-15; a radiochemistry clean room facility with 10 hot cells, 2 shielded fumehoods and modules for the production of a wide variety of radiotracers. The Centre also has a fully equipped laboratory for blood and metabolite analyses and an image analysis laboratory for investigators, with several workstations running image analysis software applications. Details for each of these resources follow:


CIRC has a GE PETtrace cyclotron for radioisotope production which has a total of six targets to allow production of C-11, O-15, N-13, two water targets for the production of [18F]fluoride, and a further target for the production of [18F]F2. A procab installed beside the cyclotron allows the production of [11C]CO and [11C]HCN. A skisted target switch system allows the delivery of isotopes to the hotcells installed in the clean rooms.  A gallium generator is also available at CIRC to allow the production of [68Ga] tracers.

Radiochemistry Cleanrooms & Quality Control Laboratory

CIRC, is fully equipped for radiotracer synthesis with 4 mini hot cells, 4 full size hot cells, 2 shielded fumehoods and automated synthesis platforms for the preparation of radiotracers labelled with C-11, F-18, and Ga 68. Among the automated platforms are GE Tracerlab FX C, Me I and M synthesis platforms for the synthesis of various C-11 tracers. Two FX N platforms for the production of 18-F tracers, FX E platform for the synthesis of either C-11 or 18F tracers, ITG labelling module for the synthesis of 68-Ga tracers and a scintomics platform for the synthesis of either 68-Ga or 18-F tracers.).

The quality control laboratory is fully equipped for the release of radiopharmaceuticals and is equipped with TLC scanners, HPLCs with UV, radioactivity detectors, GC, IC, dose calibrator and endotoxin testers.

Blood Metabolite Analysis Laboratory

An analytical laboratory is adjacent to the PET Imaging suites, which includes Perkin Elmer Wizard gamma counter, scales, centrifuges, and HPLC equipment to analyze plasma samples for unchanged radiotracer, enabling generation of input functions required for kinetic analysis and image quantization.  A swisstrace blood sampling system is also available at CIRC to allow for arterial input function analysis.