Tracers Available

CIRC is a National Research Platform that supports and facilitates nuclear imaging research in Singapore.  Parties interested in the GMP-compliant manufacture of novel and established PET should contact CIRC directly

[11C] Tracers
  • [11C] Acetate
  • Use: Quantification of oxidative metabolism and perfusion
  • [11C] Metomidate (MTO)
  • Use: Detection of hyperfunctional adrenal tumors in patients with primary aldosteronism
  • [11C] PiB
  • Use: Quantification of extracellular amyloid-β deposits in AD
[68Ga] Tracers
  • [68Ga] PSMA
  • Use: Detection and staging of prostate cancer
[18F] Tracers
  • [18F] MK 6240
  • Use: Quantification of neurofibrillary tangle is AD Collaboration with Cerveau for implementation of tracer in Singapore
  • [18F] NAV 4694
  • Use: Quantification of amyloid-β deposits in AD

[68Ga] Tracers
  • Use: Targets neuroendocrine tumours
[18F] Tracers
  • [18F] FDG
  • Use: Surrogate marker of glucose metabolism with clinical utility across oncology and neurology
  • [18F] NaF
  • Use: bone cancer
  • [18F] Choline
  • Use: Primary and reoccurring PCa
  • [18F] Flutametamol
  • Use: Quantification of amyloid-β deposits in AD