Clinical Imaging Research Centre (CIRC) is committed to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, collaborators, students and contractors. To realize this commitment, CIRC requires the full participation and support of all personnel to establish and maintain a Safety and Health (SH) Management System that is integral to our activities*.

It is our goal to achieve a high standard of safe and healthy workplace by:

  • Implement SH programs designed to prevent injury and illness through employees, collaborators, students and contractors participation, consultation and accountability;
  • Set and publish SH objectives and targets that consider the needs of employees, collaborators, students and contractors.
  • Periodically review our SH Policy, management system and activities for continual improvement of our SH performance;
  • Equip employees, collaborators and students with the knowledge and skills to fulfill their SH responsibilities;
  • Establish and maintain SH programs which meet or exceed applicable SH laws, regulations and other requirements that CIRC subscribes;
  • Provide adequate and appropriate resources to implement the SH policy;
  • Communicate the SH Policy to all employees, collaborators, students and contractors;

Leading the implementation of the SH policy is a primary management objective. Conformance with this SH policy is the responsibility of all employees, collaborators, students and contractors.


Professor David Townsend


Clinical Imaging Research Centre

Dated: 29th February 2016